10 December 2005
Development of the express testers

The development of a model of the express tester for retail networks, warehouses and the service centers which primary goal is a fast definition of working efficiency of the accumulator and all functions of the electronic scheme of protection is begun by CRAFTMANN™ experts. This device becomes a good addition to the existing algorithms of testing including check of power elements. The full cycle of testing can reveal any malfunctions in the accumulator, including faults in the scheme of protection.

17 November 2005
It is pleasant to look - quickly to charge

Experts of the German engineering company under the order of CRAFTMANN™ conduct development of the basic scheme of charging devices of new generation. The design of the charging devices will change in 2007; it is developed in common with specialists of one of the Italian design bureaus. The first samples are planned to be presented to the authorized dealers at autumn Hong Kong Electronics 2006 exhibition.

1 September 2005
The testing of concept charging devices has begun

Use of a free-of-charge solar energy for charging accumulators for mobile phones could become the fine decision of a problem of absence of the socket. The testing of a CRAFTMANN™ charging device with batteries, transforming a solar energy in electric, has begun.

24 July 2005
Lithium keep a position

The use of polymeric (Li-pol) elements for manufacture of CRAFTMANN™ batteries is again postponed for half a year. The carried out researches were the basis for this decision. We compared technical parameters of various types of elements: Ni-MH, Li-ion, Li-pol and concluded that Li-ion still predominate the others.

12 July 2005
Build a Bridges

As a result of negotiations with "MOST-TELECOM Severo-Zapad" St.Petersburg the contract about cooperation has been signed. By the end of July CRAFTMANN™ products will be already accessible to Petersburg users of mobile communication.

28 June 2005
Northern capital of the Russia

As a result of the marketing researches in northern capital of the Russia has been drawn a conclusion, that production CRAFTMANN™ will be demanded in St.Peterburg. Users of mobile phones are ready to pay for qualitative batteries which offer just is not enough. All participants of the market obviously "tired" from "stock" which has occupied all space of the market.

14 June 2005
The small differences

Inner and middle packing is modernized. The information is corrected according to requirements of the Russian regulations. These small changes will be not not noticed by the user, but on advantage the wholesale seller will estimate. And for users the special "developed" instruction which will allow to expand not only a technical outlook is prepared. New packing will enter on the market in August, 2005.

16 May - 3 June 2005
The program "Cooperation". A stage 1: CRAFTMANN™: the new supplier, a new product - new quality of work.

During exhibition "Sviaz Expocomm 2005" has been declared the beginning of the first stage of the program. During 3 weeks after an exhibition 15% discount with an opportunity to order only 2500 battery packs are given to all partners. This action will allow estimating quality of production and service CRAFTMANN™.

10-14 May 2005
The exhibition in Moscow

"Sviaz Expocomm 2005" was an official presentation of CRAFTMANN™ on the Russian market. During exhibition there were a number of meetings with representatives of the regional companies and planed promotion actions of CRAFTMANN™ batteries.

14-17 April 2005
Exhibition in Hong Kong

CRAFTMANN™ batteries have been presented at an exhibition "Hong Kong Electronics". Interest was shown by representatives of 27 companies from the different countries. The cooperation contracts have been signed with four companies from Spain, Poland, Australia and Uzbekistan.

24 March 2005
Cooperation with company "Metrotex"

In Zelenograd (Russia) negotiations with company "Metrotex" as a result of which was agreement of joint researches in the field of the "know-how" of batteries. The preliminary plan of manufacture of battery packs was also approved.

10-17 February 2005
Seminar: "Batteries - technology and marketing"

In Moscow seminar were discussed questions of the "know-how" and quality assurance of batteries. The promotion in Russia was planned.

12 January 2005
Opening of office in Moscow

For more effective work on the Russian market and the CIS was accepted the decision on foundation of Moscow Office. New office will decide the questions of promotion in the market and maintenance of communication with clients.

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