Price Policy

We often hear a phrase: "cheap is not good". How man truth is in that phrase? The cost of the battery packs of Active Standard differs from Optim Standard only on some cents, and in shop it is on sale twice more expensive. Business is not in that cheap always bad, and good dear, and in that, how many manufacturers and dealers wish to earn on sale of the goods and services turns out. We make good battery packs and we have six secrets to do the best prices.

Secret #1
   We produce good battery packs for people and we consider, that it is better to spend 10 cents for improvement of technical parameters, than 1 dollar on advertising. In fact it does not influence on technical characteristics.

Secret #2
   Improving technical parameters of batteries we spend more than competitors. Selling cheaply, we earn less than competitors, but in that case our clients are happy twice, and we constantly double volume. Doubling volume, we earn on volume and it is good for us and for our Partners.

Secret #3
   Working in the different countries, we consolidate great volume of batteries which as a whole is the desired order for any manufacturer. We place orders at factories which provide better quality at a floor price.

Secret #4
   We place orders of batteries only at real factories. We do not purchase at the intermediary organizations since it increases cost and does not allow to trace technical requirements.

Secret #5
   Packing and transportation can increase cost of a product by 50 % - we do flat packing and we do not spend money for transportation of "air".

Secret #6
   For investments into manufacture we use the international financial resources of bank HONGKONG and SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION, that allows us to have money and the lowest in the world percent.

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