For Users

We advise to carry out some general rules and Your battery pack will work longer.

We recommend:
  • to charge only original and certificated chargers;
  • to store the battery pack in a room temperature;
  • to warn against short circuit.
Not recommended:
  • to use the battery pack in high >45°C and low <0°C temperatures;
  • to charge the battery pack on a frost;
  • to place in fire and in water;
  • to assort;
  • to discharge, using improvised means;
  • to store discharged battery pack.

And it is necessary to mean, that some rules are various for Ni-MH and Li-ion battery packs:

Ni-MH battery packs:
  • the operating mode with a full charge and full discharge is preferable;
  • to charge better a small current, 20-30 % from capacity, within 8-10 hours;
  • periodically to do training the battery pack: to make some cycles full charge - full discharge. Is better to use for this purpose the special equipment.
Li-ion battery packs:
  • the deep discharge of the battery pack accelerates its ageing, therefore it is better for charging to a bowl, not supposing the full discharge;
  • for a charge it is better to use high currents, from 50 % up to 100 % of capacity within 3 hours;
  • never to train the battery pack - it quickly grows old.
What to do if the battery pack:
  • at charging or conversation heats up more 60C (such temperature burns a hand) - it is necessary to stop at once use of such battery pack, to test or replace;
  • it was inflated - it is necessary to stop at once use and to replace;
  • it is quickly charged or is quickly discharged - Ni-MH battery pack can be restored, and Li-ion it is necessary to replace the battery pack;
  • the information on the display is not correct, not charged, switched off during a set or conversation or there are other not clear and inconvenient phenomena - it is necessary to test phone, the battery pack and charging device.

  Ni-MH battery packs
Ni-MH battery packs are reliable and steady against external conditions.

  Li-ion battery packs
Li-ion battery packs possess higher capacity, than Ni-MH (it is more on 20-30 %).