17 December 2004
Influence of low temperatures on parameters of batteries.

As a result of investigation on influence of low temperatures on batteries was found out, that the low temperature does not worsen parameters but only temporarily reduces capacity and increases speed of the selfdischarge. The long finding in low temperature is not desirable for Li-ion battery packs. As a result of faster selfdischarge, the batteries can be discharged completely. If Li-ion battery store with voltage below 2.5V for the period of three months or more, it will loss of its capacity.

1 December 2004
All in the box

The cardboard box is specially developed for packing batteries. The product in new packing will enter the market at 2005.

1 November 2004
Different battery pack to everyone…

According to researches with phones NOKIA 2100 and NOKIA 7210 - completed by the manufacturer identical battery pack BLD-3 Li-ion 720 mAh has noted been the raised consumption of current NOKIA 2100 in comparison with NOKIA 7210. In this connection battery packs CRAFTMANN™ for these phones are delivered with various capacities.

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