Batteries: specialization is our profile

Electric energy allows us to use the most advanced achievements of high technologies. It is difficult to present a cellular telephone on the diesel engine! Electric energy is well transferred to distance on metal wires, but to reserve electricity is extremely difficult. The electricity is not a liquid and not air - it is impossible to place it in the tank. The electricity is accumulated by temporal chemical transformation or polarization of firm and liquid substances. Why battery packs are so heavy? - Electricity does not have weight, but the substance - the carrier of a charge - does.

Without the battery pack, phone is no use - you will throw out useless phone the first if you will cross desert on foot. On the other hand the communication facility frequently can rescue a life in time being near at hand. Phone almost completely depends on the battery pack, if it is discharged phone is not more than is a beautiful plastic toy.

We work above that in small volume to conclude greater energy which will be enough for long and reliable work of an electronic equipment. We also carry out researches to find out the best operating conditions of the batteries, and also to test accumulators at work in adverse conditions. Finally duration of a useful life of the battery pack depends on the user of phone - misuse of the battery can deduce ahead of schedule it out of operation. You can read through the information on all this on this site.

We wish you continuous communication.

  10 May 2006
  Meeting with dealers
During an exhibition Svyaz Expo 2006, passing in Moscow in "Expocenter on Krasnoy Presne" in May 10-13th, a number of meetings ...

  14 April 2006
  Participation in exhibition
  Hong Kong Electronics
In April 11-14th in Convention and Exhibition Centre the spring annual Hong Kong Electronic exhibition ...